Britain is weird, and while we wear the badge with pride, sometimes it can all get a bit too much for those not familiar with our habits.

Here are nine things that we forget are actually rather strange to the rest of the world...

1. Saying sorry. All. The. Time.

Walked into someone? Sorry. Someone walked into you? Sorry. Bumped into lamppost? Terribly sorry.

We’re sorry, but it’s still a thing.

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2. Barrister wigs

Sweet mother of all that is good, why?

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3. Regional accents

A twenty minute train journey in pretty much any direction is a near-enough guarantee of finding people who speak English in a “funny” accent.

Picture: Tom Hiddles/Tumblr

4. The Office

Not the American entity but the weird, slightly gone-too far punchlines of the original that probably nobody outside of Britain finds funny.

Picture: Wifflegif/Tumblr

5. Leicester, Gloucester, Bicester, Worcester

The pronunciations are all wrong!

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6. Mr Blobby

Weird, nightmare-inducing childhood TV character? Check.

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7. Our legal system

The House of Commons...The House of Lords, hereditary peers, the Queen...who runs the country?!

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8. The fascination with eating on public transport

Especially prevalent in London, it may be because many people who work in London live outside of London. The train becomes a temporary home. There's even an infamous Tumblr page about it.

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9. HP sauce

Malt vinegar, dates, tomato and sweetener. What’s not to love?

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