The Apprentice with Tory MPs as contestants now has a second episode

The Apprentice with Tory MPs as contestants now has a second episode

Have you ever wondered whether some of our elected politicians would have been better suited to reality TV?

Perhaps a show that thrives on its contestants’ misplaced ambition and apparent inability to complete basic tasks? Maybe a bit like The Apprentice.

The internet was given a deliciously funny taste of what that might actually look like last week, served up by a group of Twitter comedians and creatives who imagined what might happen if Lord Alan Sugar were to judge a motley crew of Tory Cabinet ministers, Brexiteers and right-wing pundits based on their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Written by the person behind the parody Michael Gove account and visualised by freelance art director Benjamin Harvey, the first episode introduced the two teams “Team Net Worth” and “Team Excess Mortality” – featuring the likes of “cheque mate” Matt Hancock, “vox pox” Julia Hartley-Brewer and “sixth-generation plankton” Jacob Rees-Mogg.

After Darren Grimes ultimately faced Lord Sugar’s wrath at the end of the first satirical episode, a second instalment has now arrived on Twitter, and sees the two teams tasked with managing the country’s finances during a pandemic.

With Team Excess Mortality’s fate resting on the desirability of Matt Hancock’s personal brand, will they avoid the boardroom for a second time? Find out below:

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