The atheist map of the UK

God isn't dead yet, but religious belief is declining across the UK.

The British Social Attitudes Survey shows that 48 per cent of the public would describe themselves as having no religion.

Separate census data visualised for indy100 by Statista shows that Scotland has the biggest number of atheists in the UK.

To (badly) paraphrase Nietzsche, several remain in the caves in London, the North West and Northern Ireland.

The number of people identifying as having no religion declined last year, and is down three per cent from 2009. But the British Humanist Association note that the long-term trend shows Britons moving away from God.

The long-term trend is clearly away from religion, and with the oldest generation being far and away the most religious generation, this looks set to accelerate.

Former Tory MP James Arbuthnot "came out" as an atheist in January 2015, telling the Commons he only now felt comfortable talking about his lack of faith because he was standing down at the next election. He said the need to appear religious was equivalent to the pressure to "keep quiet about being gay".

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