Man divides the internet for ditching date because she ‘wasn’t into Marvel’

Man divides the internet for ditching date because she ‘wasn’t into Marvel’
Expert-predicted 2023 dating trends explained

We all know looking for love is a minefield and that people can be very particular with what they’re looking for in a potential match.

Still, one man has left the internet stunned after he revealed his dealbreaker with brutal speed.

In the first 2023 episode of online dating show The Button, the man, called Donny, was paired up with a woman called Maria… but not for long.

The show matches up two people and, as the name suggests, sits them in front of a button. When this lights up red, they can then press it in order to swap out their date for someone else.

Donny and Maria’s encounter had barely kicked before he ended it because Maria didn’t share his taste in comic book franchises.

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In the episode, a voice from the button introduced the two contestants, before telling Maria: "Fun fact about Donny, he's a Marvel nerd," and then asking: "Are you into Marvel?”

"You know what, no," she replied. "My brother watches them but I just can’t get into anime."

That was all Donny needed to know she wasn’t the girl for him and he slammed down on the red light.

"Like, you can’t not like Marvel. It’s amazing,” he said.

"There are so many different things and it’s not anime, it’s a bunch of superheroes who try to save everybody."

Smiling politely before getting up to leave, Maria responded graciously: “Yeah, I’ll give it a chance, maybe.”

Once she was gone, Donny explained that the comic books and movies were “kind of a big deal to me,” and that he’d even named his dog Marvel.

His rigid loyalty to the superhero universe was greeted with a mixed response on Twitter, with thousands of commentators offering their take on the interaction.

Many people were dumbfounded by his decision and said Maria had made a lucky escape:

But plenty of others said they'd have had the same response:

All we can say is, Donny's now become a hero to many "nerds", and we bet he's loving it.

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