Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty
Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty

The Chilcot report is to be published Wednesday 11am, seven years after the Iraq Inquiry was commissioned by then prime minister Gordon Brown.

The aim of the inquiry was to identify lessons to be learned after the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The case for war was set out by the UK's government in 2002 in a dossier which claimed that Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction could be deployed in 45 minutes.

The document was later dubbed the "dodgy dossier".

Now the Chilcot report is imminent...

...and everyone on Twitter is making the same joke:

It's now a little formulaic:

And there's another pun all the kids are using:

In short, today we need to burn Twitter to the ground.

What a 45 minutes to be alive.

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