The #DontMancriminate movement will make you despair for humanity

Not content with several millennia of global patriarchy, a group of men have decided that they've just had enough of people arguing for equality.

Emerging from one of the darkest corners of Twitter comes the #DontMancriminate movement. Which actually appears to be a real thing that is actually happening.

Set up by what appears to be an Indian website and using images of famous male celebrities (who almost certainly have not given permission for their images to be used), the main thrust of the campaign's argument seems to be that focusing on equality and feminism is making things just too damn unfair for men.

Like, men just never get any sympathy:

The poor, old "forgotten gender". Wut?!

We're not even sure if they're being serious. Surely it's satire? Some kind of a viral campaign just to get attention. Right... RIGHT?!

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