This is a map of the UK and Ireland according to the most popular searches of how much items cost in different regions.

The graphic was compiled by Totally Money by asking Google a simple question and waiting for the search engine to autocomplete the item.

The search engine's autocomplete function works by suggesting terms based on popular searches from other users.

The result is far less disturbing than a similar world map which revealed searches for the price of prostitutes, organs and slaves. Instead people are much more interested in the cost of liposuction, hypnotherapy and skip hire - while those in London want to know about food and in Manchester, marijuana.

One telling result was in Belfast, where people wanted to know the price of an abortion - the procedure is still banned in Northern Ireland and despite being UK nationals, women who go to mainland Britain for a termination have to pay for the procedure.

Here is the full list of our obsessions, according to Totally Money:

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