6 of the most ostentatious public marriage proposals

6 of the most ostentatious public marriage proposals

On Monday the world was treated to the public proposal of marriage by Qin Kai to his girlfriend He Zi - when she was about to receive a medal for swimming at the Olympics.

Cute and romantic! Perhaps. Stealing thunder? Yes.

Zi sais yes, and to be fair Kai is also an Olympia. But still, PDAs are gross.

With all this love and ego boosting 'Aren't I just the darndest romantic' grand standing going on, Indy100 thought it would recap some of the most ostentatious marriage proposals.

This live dub-proposal

Video: Isaac Lamb/YouTube

Because nothing says a happy marriage than attention to details.

Bruno Mars' 'Marry Me' and a flash mob

Video: Jacob Demirji/YouTube

How original! (but she did look really pleased to be fair).

The guy who took over a restaurant

Video: Bookatable/YouTube

OK, the icey bitter heart is thawing slightly

This one from Valentines Day 2016 in Manchester

Video: L'Oreal Blackett/YouTube


This one that combines fitness with romance

Video: HooplaHa/YouTube

Shut up. You're crying.

This one is the most English thing you've ever seen, but also the best

Video: Club Mob/YouTube

OK. So we were wrong. Even if it is cheesy and over the top, a proposal is a proposal. Good for you He Zi and Quin Kai.

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