Picture: Mark Rolston/Getty
Picture: Mark Rolston/Getty

The humble Avocado.

Used in vegan and vegetarian cooking blogs worldwide and touted as the Fruit of the Moment – whose benefits include heart-healthy monounsaturated acids and is touted as a preventative of cancer.

Picture:Justin Sullivan/Getty

This small green fruit can help relieve arthritis symptoms, protect your eyesight and aid in weight loss.

It is also one of the most over-used hipster foods.

And now, it has morphed into something unforgivable: a burger bun.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Avocado Bun has come to the UK:

Joe's Southern Table, in Covent Garden has introduced the bun to their menu.

Yes, the sounds you are hearing is the collective shrieks of burger lovers everywhere.

So what's the one thing that would be better than an avocado bun?

Or, in the event that you're all out of green brioche, an actual burger.

The caveat is, of course that the bun could very well be delicious.

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