Sick theory claims that The Simpsons predicted Baltimore bridge collapse

Sick theory claims that The Simpsons predicted Baltimore bridge collapse
Roadblocks in funding to rebuild collapsed Baltimore bridge
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Tragic events always appear to spark conspiracy theories, and the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge is no different.

This time, many are claiming on social media that The Simpsonspredicted the event years ago.

For years The Simpsons has become known for 'predicting' certain key events in their episodes. These events include the Donald Trump presidency, the invention of smart watches, and Disney's acquisition of Fox.

Now many on social media want to add the collapse of the Baltimore bridge to the list, after they tried to find connections between the event and previous episodes of the beloved television show.

The connection goes back to an episode from 1996 where Hank Scorpio creates a Doomsday device and shows off its capabilities to the government by blowing up a bridge.

Many have claimed that the bridge in the episode is the Francis Scott Key Bridge, however it is actually the Queensboro Bridge in New York City. Making it not much of a prediction.

But conspiracy theorists have gone one step further by editing existing The Simpsons footage to make it seem as though the show accurately predicted the bridge's collapse.

A clip of iconic The Simpsons news anchor Kent Brockton reciting the real-life news of the bridge collapse has been circulating online.


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The footage is clearly manipulated, either through editing or AI, in order to get Brockman's voice to recite the events. You can view the video above, but it's not in any episode of The Simpsons.

The Simpsons is streaming on Disney+

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