The Daily Mail & Sun are outraged at a BBC children's animation featuring 'Isis toast'

Warning: This post contains extreme violence against eggs

A BBC children's animation has sparked 'outrage' in the pages of the Daily Mail and the Sun for depicting what the papers call an "Isis-style" execution... carried out by a toast soldier on a boiled egg.

In an episode of the OOglies, a one-minute short shown on the CBBC channel, a veritable unit of toast soldiers descends on the breakfast table before one attacks an egg with a butter knife and dunks its feet in the remaining runny yolk.

First shown in April 2012 (before Isis even existed in its current form), the epsiode "Toast Soldiers 1" has nevertheless re-surfaced and is available to watch on iPlayer.

Both the Mail and the Sun report on the "fury" of mother Angela Halliwell who says she has complained to Ofcom about the clip for its portrayal of "extreme violence".

Halliwell told the Sun she was worried it could normalise beheading. Seriously.

The Sun, which spoke of a "toast jihadi", explains:

The Ooglies on CBBC shows a bread soldier smeared in red jam after being shot. It then throws an exploding grape that blows up his enemy.

Then the animated egg’s head is chopped off Isis-style.

While the toast is quite aggressive, the ninja-style front-flips and high-pitched screams suggests the makers probably did not have jihadists in mind when they made it.

A spokesperson for the BBC told "OOglies is a popular slapstick comedy series that depicts all sorts of food getting into scrapes with each other.

"This clip involving a boiled egg and toast is no different and we would be surprised if our audiences read anything more into it."

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