Olivia Green/PlayBuzz

This quiz claims to calaculate your intelligence using simple dot diagrams.

The latest in a series of 'dot tests' amusing the internet, is one from PlayBuzz user Olivia Green.

The test measures your capacity for processing images speedily and your ability to calculate. The Playbuzz test shows a sequence of dots, some of them coloured and some of them not.

It then asks you to choose the coloured dot that is in the middle of each of the diagrams it presents. The complexity of each dot diagram increases as you progress through the test.

If you pass, the quiz claims you are 'officially smarter than most of the population'. While indy100 is sceptical about the veracity of this claim, the quiz is strangely fulfilling and a great way to kick off your week of procrastination.

Green previously created a similar quiz that scored your ability to recognise faces.

HT: Huffington Post

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