Picture: Kaycon000/Twitter screengrab
Picture: Kaycon000/Twitter screengrab

These sisters just admitted that they pranked thousands of people into believing that one of them had gone bald after mistaking hair removal cream for shampoo.

A Twitter prank thought up by the Connors sisters from Massachusetts convinced many on social media that as a result of an unfortunate mix up, 12-year-old Kelsey was now bald. The Tweet which included photos of shiny headed Kelsey, was shared over 71 thousand times.

The initial tweet in late July was followed by others from Kayla's account which sought to back up the prank.

Now the sisters have admitted to Fox News that the whole thing was a prank on their friends which then got really out of hand. According to the Connors, it only required a simple 'bald app' to edit the photograph. Fox reported that Kayla was inspired when she saw the bottle of hair removal cream at home.

The prank didn't just fool their friends and thousands of social media users, it was even picked up as a story by the US radio show 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest'.

Someone should have guessed sooner, when the tweet immediately preceding the prank photos read:

Boredom statement from a teenager, followed by an unbelievable series of events. What could possibly be suspicious about that?

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