The truth behind the viral feminist campaign accused of plagiarism

This striking ad campaign, apparently from German women's rights group Terre Des Femmes, was covered by media organisations around the world after being picked up by Design Taxi.

According to Ads of the World, the images were designed by Theresa Wlokka, of the Miami Ad School in Germany.

Many pointed out similarities to artist Rosea Lake's 2013 piece, "Judgments", with the Huffington Post saying the campaign's message was "powerful" but "strikingly similar" to Lake's work.

The twist? Terre Des Femmes has said it had nothing to do with the posters and only found out after being contacted by the media about them. However, it likes the images - and may make the campaign official. "We were also not contacted by the students or her school for the right of using our logo," a spokesperson said in an email to

"After being made aware of these pictures by Twitter and through media requests we contacted the producers. We are still in the process of deciding whether this can actually become a Terre Des Femmes campaign.

"We are aware, that the idea behind these pictures is not new. Nevertheless, we support the message the campaign is spreading: Don’t measure a woman’s worth by her clothes! The pictures illustrate fittingly the judgements that accompany every woman's dress choices and expose the harm of rape myths. It is never her fault - no matter what she wears!"

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