The university students who have the most sex

Do you know anyone who studied chemical engineering? Here's something to tease them relentlessly about.

An anonymous survey of 5,800 British university students, carried out by Hexjam, has revealed how much sex students are really having.

As this chart by Statista shows, broken down by course, it found that chemical engineering students had the lowest average number of sexual partners while leisure and hospitality students had the most.

The so-called 'intercourse' league had more bad news for those in STEM, with electrical engineering students coming second lowest in the league.

As well as subjects, Hexjam also looked at specific universities. It found that the top 10 universities having the most sex were:

  1. Leeds Beckett (8.45 average partners)
  2. Southampton Solent (8.18 average partners)
  3. LSE (8.00 average partners)
  4. University of Ulster (7.64 average partners)
  5. Staffordshire University (7.57 average partners)
  6. Middlesex University (7.50 average partners)
  7. Nottingham Trent University (7.25 average partners)
  8. Oxford Brookes University (7.12 average partners)
  9. University of Aberdeen (7.04 average partners)
  10. Liverpool Hope University (7.00 average partners)

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