There are some very strange conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton's jacket

Picture: Fox News/Screengrab
Picture: Fox News/Screengrab

Hillary is dead. Hillary has a body double. Hillary is computer generated.

If you believe all of that, you'll probably believe one of these shady theories about the above image of Hillary Clinton from the first US presidential debate on Monday night.

The image is a still from CBS News coverage. It shows the former secretary of state moments after the debate has finished, leaning over to speak with someone.

Her back is facing the camera, and there is a lump showing through her clothing.

'A microphone pack!', many of you say.

Mic packs, specifically the transmitted pack of a lavalier microphone, are recognisable to most people now since shows like Big Brother showed us some of the mechanics of live television.

But according to Trump supporters and anti-Clinton conspiracy theorists, this is evidence of her evilness.

This innnocuous image that shows her microphone pack through her pant suit has sent many of them into a frenzy.

1. The 'Coughing prevention machine'

It's clearly her lizard tail, and luckily they've got her just in time! This tweet will be the final blow.

Sorry, what is a 'coughing prevention machine'? If she had one of those she wouldn't be running for President. She'd be even more of a millionaire than she is if she had a machine to stop coughs.

Picture:Picture: stocktributor/iStockphoto

Thankfully, much of the internet has been ridiculing this nonesense.

2. Hillary 'cheated' with a microphone and ear piece

You mean the same microphone Donald Trump was also wearing?

To those of you out there sharing these brain farts, indy100 has a simple message.

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