Omo is a 15-month-old female giraffe who lives in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.

She has leucism, an extremely rare condition which results in a partial loss of pigmentation and gives her white skin - which also makes her a target for poachers.

Dr Derek Lee, founder of the Wild Nature Institute, spotted Omo while on safari recently, taking the first pictures of her since April 2015 which have been shared widely around the world.

Dr Lee said:

Omo is the only pale giraffe we are currently aware of, but we have also observed leucistic waterbuck, cape buffalo and ostrich in Tarangire.

The calf has survived being killed by predators in her first year of life, Lee said, which means she already survived longer than half of the world’s giraffes and stands a good chance of reaching adulthood and having calves of her own.

Omo appears to get along with the other giraffes, she has always been seen with a large group of normally coloured giraffe - they don’t seem to mind her different colouring.

Omo's name comes from a brand of laundry detergent popular in Tanzania.

But several of her new fans around the world think that Omo, with her shock of red hair and pale skin, resembles none other that the late great David Bowie's alter ego, Ziggy Stardust:

What do you think?

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