There's nothing not to love about this map of the world's vaguely rude places

Geospatial consultant Gary Gale has reworked his rather excellent map of the world's most vaguely rude places.

Gale first created the map in February 2013 - since then it's been the subject of three conference talks, and seen by millions.

"I still find it wryly amusing that the most successful map I’ve made to date has had nothing to do with my day job," Gale, the founder of Malstow Geospatial says. "But two years is a long time in geo-technology and the original map just feels … tired. So I decided it was time for a face lift."

You can browse the full map here, which includes the destinations:

  • Wet Beaver Creek, USA

  • Little Dick Lake, USA

  • Cock Bridge, Aberdeen

  • Seymen, Turkey

  • Yorkey's Knob, Queensland

  • Middle Spunk Lake, USA

Gary Gale: we salute you.

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