There's something seriously creepy about this normal looking selfie

Picture: Twitter/Screenshot/9gag
Picture: Twitter/Screenshot/9gag

There's something wrong with the above image, which is making people panic on the internet.

Have you seen what's wrong with it yet?

Let us help you.

Scroll down.

The back of the woman's head is staring back at you in the window...

Sorry about that.

Twitter brought the image to the mainstream media's attention, after it was previously featured on 9gag.

The collective reaction could adequately be summarised as...

One user thought an explanation would be the shutter on the camera used to take the image - arguing that a rolling shutter would enable the girls face to be photographed twice, once looking away and once towards the camera.

Another explanation could simply be the use of Adobe Photoshop.

Whereas the clear, scientific conclusion is that she is simply another reincarnation of Voldemort, Quirrell-style:

Happy nightmares.

HT The Sun

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