Everyone is allowed to buy this artist's work, except Theresa May


You can now own a little piece of England, all for yourself – unless you’re Theresa May, that is.

Artist Stuart Semple is selling bags of earth for £9.99 per 1/4lb for everyone who isn’t the Prime Minister of Britain. More precisely it's “pure, high-grade England”.

Take it as political satire, or just an astute investment.

Semple's website states:

Nature isn’t making any more England, and with the proliferation of overseas investors, coastal erosion, gentrification, a government on a mission to sell it off - England is an extremely limited stock.

For the first time in history ENGLAND is available to anyone* from anywhere in the world to buy. You no longer have to be a high net worth individual looking for a tax haven to get a piece of the action.

And here’s the catch:

By adding ENGLAND to your cart you confirm that you are not Teresa May, you are in no way affiliated to Theresa May and to the best of your knowledge information and belief ENGLAND will not make it’s way into the hands of Theresa May.

Sorry, big-T.

HT Design Taxi

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