Labour has put out a Theresa May translator and it’s scarily accurate

Matt Cardy/Getty Images/Twitter/Screengrab

Prime Minister Theresa May's performance at yesterday's Battle for Number 10 interview session was, in a word, poor.

She seemed robotic and did not come across as the strong, assured, stable figure her campaign has been dependent upon projecting.

At one point the audience even laughed at her.

In contrast, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn seemed largely relaxed and dealt with a surprisingly off-topic and hectoring Jeremy Paxman with relative ease.

Labour's press team put out a 'Theresa May translator' prior to the event.

Obviously it's totally partisan, but it does however, raise a few startling points about a campaign that has been more about focus-grouped soundbites than political substance.

As people have pointed out:

Score one for Labour, it seems.

However, the frenzied victory on left-leaning social media hasn't lasted long.

Jeremy was grilled on the Woman's Hour with Emma Barnett this morning and was left stammering over a major policy point.

If media scrutiny is a telling way to sort the wheat from the chaff, then British politics is simply a giant field of chaff.

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