Being in a position of power has its pros and cons.

Pro - It's unlikely you'll ever have to take public transport again.

Con - You're unlikely going to be able to go anywhere quietly or discreetly.

Pro - The small thing like taxes, electricity bills and parking tickets all get taken care of.

Con - You have to deal with much larger things, like nuclear war and an unstable President.

Now that she's been in office for a little while, Prime Minister Theresa May is probably getting used to the pros. In fact she recently received an expensive bottle of wine and dates from the President of Algeria. Nice.

However, unfortunately for her, she wasn't allowed to keep them.


According to government rules, ministers are not allowed to keep presents if they cost more than £140, because it could create a conflict of interest.

So, no dates for May.

What other strange and wonderful goodies has the prime minister received, that she cannot keep?

From October to December 2016 (All items worth more than £140):

  • Shoes from PETA
  • A rug from Pranab Mukerje, president of India
  • A fan from Mr James Dyson, inventor of the vacuum cleaner of the same name
  • An unspecified silver item from businessman Michael Bloomberg
  • A vanity case from Vice Premier of the State Council, The People's Republic of China      
  • Hampers from both the Sultan of Brujnei and the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia

It is worth noting that the Prime Minister took a liking to a piece of clothing gifted to her by Lady Jubie Wigan – which she purchased out of her own pocket for £225.

Nadja Swarovski’s jewellery collection also piqued her interest, and she bought a single piece (of what is sure to be an expensive set) for £244.

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