'Ashamed' influencer pays £130k to have legs extended and now regrets it

'Ashamed' influencer pays £130k to have legs extended and now regrets it
Leg extension machine cable snaps while person is using it!
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An influencer who splurged £130,000 on leg extension surgery now has regrets.

Theresia Fischer, 31, added 5.5 inches to her height after claiming her husband encouraged her to do so.

Fischer, who appeared on Germany's CelebrityBig Brother, spoke on the radio station MDR, where she claimed her partner said: "Theresia, you know I like big ladies. So I would really like this. You could get up to 14cm more."

She continued: "[He would say] 'You can’t do anything without me. You need me'. And if you are told that 20, 30, 60, 70 times – then you believe that you are nothing without him."

Fischer said she didn't even know such surgery existed until her husband brought it to her attention.

The influencer, who was 5 foot 6 inches and is now 6 feet after the surgery, had adjustable telescopic rods inserted into her shins at the age of 24.

"I am ashamed because I consented to an operation that I shouldn’t have had," she said.

Around the time of the procedure, Fischer reportedly claimed the operation had improved her sex life and that she followed through with it after years of bullying as a teenager.

She also previously described the grueling procedure to Bild, candidly sharing how the shin bone was broken and the calf muscles were split.

"You stretch your lower legs independently by holding your knee with one hand and screwing your foot inward with the other hand until it clicks," she said. "Ten clicks a day on each side bring an additional 0.5 millimetres ."

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