These are 10 of the very worst modern baby names

Back in the 1900s, the most popular names for new babies were John, William and James for boys and Mary, Helen and Margaret for girls.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and those have changed drastically. The ONS reported last year that it was Oliver, Jack and Harry that became the dominant choices for newborn boys and Amelia, Olivia and Isla for girls - six names that our ancestors may well have struggled to predict.

So fast forward another 100 or so years and it's almost impossible for us to guess what will be the most popular names in 2130.

But it's fair to say that the names on this list of "the worst baby names you've heard of recently", as voted for by Reddit users, probably won't be too high up the rankings...

1. Elizabreth

2. Mhavryck (Pronounced 'Maverick')

3. Aliviyah (Pronounced 'Olivia')

4. Baby (Author's note: 'Yup. That's the name')

5. Little Sweetmeat (Author's note: 'Swear to God')

6. Nevaeh (Note: Read it backwards)

7. Danger

8. North West

9. Harley-Quinn

10. Beberly

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