These Fifty Shades of Grey Amazon reviews are better than actual book

The Fifty Shades of Grey juggernaut continues to fascinate the media and while some critics gave the film a whipping, others submitted to its apparent charms. This critical divide, though, has absolutely nothing on the book reviews posted on Amazon.

If you’ve got the time, read some of the 8,000-plus pages of reactions posted by readers on the Fifty Shades page. You’ll find humour, lust, anger, repulsion, love, joy and, for my money, far more emotional depth than anything in the 1700 or so pages that make up the original trilogy.

Hate certainly seems to inspire eloquence and bluntness in equal measure.

While others seem to have made things a family affair, which is just uncomfortable.

The worst (best?) of the bunch are those husbands who, erm, consider themselves lucky and have no problem telling the world, even though the world definitely didn't ask for this.

Still, the allure of the novel seemingly can’t be ignored by everyone.

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