This angry post about Brangelina is a sobering reminder of some real news this week

This angry post about Brangelina is a sobering reminder of some real news this week

A post on a satirical website could be seen to sum up human fascination with the celebrity circus.

The news of the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has surprised the world, and dominated the newsfeeds of many.

The importance awarded the story has angered some, and other news organisations used it to demonstrate their editorial stance.

People on the internet were also getting angry about the prevalance of Jennifer Aniston gifs.

The satirical website 'God' posted a story that was probably the most sobering. The spoof purported to report on Jennifer Aniston's response to the breakup.

Literally putting words in her mouth, the website wrote:

F*** society, you people make me sick...While you idiots are talking about this Brangelina bulls***, you’re ignoring what just happened yesterday with Terence Crutcher. An unarmed black father of four was driving home from college when his car broke down. The police showed up and shot him while both of his hands were in the air. This was all caught on video, which you can easily watch on the Internet. But instead, no, none of you will do that. You will instead focus on the fact that a celebrity couple is going through a divorce. F*** you.

The rant continued:

The same people that get super offended and lose their minds over whether or not an athlete takes a knee during the National Anthem don’t give two s**** when an innocent person is executed with video evidence. They always say that it ‘needs more investigation.’ What is the matter with people? Do they not have souls? This country needs to get its s*** together, stop shooting its citizens, and stop focusing on stupid nonsense so much.

Crutcher, a 40-year-old man from Oklahoma, was shot on his way home from a music-appreciation class at Tulsa Community College. The US Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the shooting for possible civil rights violation, and the Tulsa Police Department has opened its own investigation. Helicopter footage from the shooting has been posted to YouTube which appears to contradict the initial account given by Officer Betty Shelby, that Crutcher had refused to put his hands up.

The shooting of Crutcher has indeed received media attention, and the video has been viewed over 600k times.

Nevertheless, the news about Brangelina has overshadowed it, along with a multitude of other news items such as the UN's refugee summit.

This Google Trend compares the search terms 'brad angelina' and 'terence crutcher' in the last day.

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