This Bible shop might not have understood the sign in its window

An image posted to Imgur has gone viral because of a delicious joke at the expense of a Christian bookshop.

User MitchHoover, a marine, says he walked past the shop in Emporia, Kansas, and was struck by the incongruity of a quote by Mark Twain chalked onto a piece of slate:

The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible.

  • Mark Twain

Picture: MitchHoover/Imgur

indy100 identified the picture as from the window display of the Disciple Shoppe Bible Bookstore, next to Emporia State University.

Picture: Google Street View

We spoke to to the owner, who said his name was Phil.

Phil told us that the quote had indeed been in the window for a few days recently, but has now been replaced:

I guess a lot of people took it as anti-Christian, as you say. We weren't trying to make a big statement though. I guess it could be understood in a variety of ways. We just thought it was interesting.

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