This girl's mother tried to make her a packed lunch and it went incredibly wrong

For some people, one of the worst things about growing up is having to start looking after yourself more and more.

From ironing your own clothes to cooking and cleaning: your later teenage years can be a real pain.

Fortunately for Mckenzie Strange (above), a 17-year-old from Georgia, she has a mother who still makes packed lunches for her to take to school.

Unfortunately for Mckenzie, one such packed lunch recently went wrong:

Thinking she was packing an iced tea or an energy drink, Mckenzie's mother had actually sent her kid off to school with a Four Loko - a caffeinated alcoholic drink popular with college students.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

The US FDA has even sent out warnings over drinks like Four Loko in the past after a spike in alcohol poisonings and alcohol-related blackouts...

Inappropriate packed lunch drink, Mum!

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