(Picture: YouTube/TED-Ed
(Picture: YouTube/TED-Ed

We love a good riddle, but we're not sure if our lives were on the line if we'd be able to solve any given one.

See how you fare in this head-slappingly simple gem from TED-ed.

You've been kidnapped by aliens in a test to prove you are a logical, intelligent organism. (No pressure.)

The aliens have taken you and nine other peers captive and say you will be placed in order of height so that the tallest can see everyone in front of him, but the smallest can see no-one.

Hats will then be put on your head and you will have to guess the colour of your hat, either 'black' or 'white'.

Your entire team can only make one error, or you are all eaten.

You cannot touch the hats, turn around or communicate by any means, other than to say 'black' or 'white' once to the onlooking aliens, to guess your colour.

You now have only moments to come up with a plan. Do you think you're up to the test? Or do you think you're alien-chow?

Watch the riddle, below and let us know how you get on in the comments below:

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