A Muslim cleric wants to reclaim the word "jihad" from religious fanatics and use it instead for the "war" against global warming.

Ibrahim Saidy, an imam from Norway, is in Paris for the climate change conference this week where he has been joined by a growing group of inter-faith leaders campaigning for climate justice.

The green jihad is to protect and save lives. To make people aware of the dangers of climate change and fight for climate justice.

  • Saidy speaking to AP

According to the Associated Press, Saidy came up with the idea of an environmental holy movement a year ago. The news agency reports that he uses the word "jihad" in its true meaning of a struggle to do good, as opposed to extremists' use of it to signify a holy war.

As well as holding discussions on how best to tackle climate change this week, religious activists across the world have been fasting on the first day of the month to highlight the issue.

I'm fasting today because our world will never be complete until there's space at the table — the climate just table — for everyone.

  • Rev John McCullough
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