Picture:Justin Sullivan/Getty
Picture:Justin Sullivan/Getty

Occasionally journalists are required to make corrections.

Either they have discovered some new information, or a quote needs some slight amendment. These are usually accompanied by a small, dated note at the end of the article.

The Financial Times recently published an article about Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya, in which it made reference to former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai, and his unusual habit.

One reader pointed out a slight problem:

Morarji Desai drank his own urine and not cow urine.

The following has got to be one of the best newspaper corrections of recent times:

Prime Minister Morarji Desai drank his own urine and not cow urine.




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Apparently the Prime Minister was a practitioner of an alternative form of medication, called Urine Therapy in which ingesting one's urine was said to increase one's lifespan.

Twitter eventually discovered the correction:

And it seems unanimous...

Desai lived to be 99 yers old, so maybe he was onto something...

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