This lookalike is not ideal for a Crimewatch presenter

This is probably the last thing you wish to happen as a Crimewatch presenter.

Poor Jason Mohammed. He was presenting during Monday's update bulletin, informing viewers that Viktor Lakatos had been jailed following a Crimewatch appeal, following a conviction of a brutal assault with a knuckle-duster on a pensioner.

However, the focal point for viewers became the likeness between the BBC presenter and the criminal, which was brought to Twitter's attention by PC Alice Nicholas.

The St Austell and St Blazey officer tweeted a photo of the broadcast:

But she wasn't the only one to do so:

Jason acknowledged the similarity on Twitter after the broadcast...

...and revealed the secret to his straight face throughout the show:

Well played Jason, well played.

Lakatos was jailed for 18 years after he assualted and robbed a 90-year-old jeweller. Judge Durham Hall praised Crimewatch following the conviction, as a viewer had called in with information after the appeal.

(H/T Sun)

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