Picture: Ben Treanor
Picture: Ben Treanor

Ben Treanor and his 8-year-old niece occasionally send one another random cards in the post.

Ben, 27, told Indy100 that his niece, Rachel, just started sending random missives, so he bought some colourful markers and stamps and did the same.

Rachel's latest message to her uncle is brutal though. It reads:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

You are still bald

And you cannot change that at all!!!!!

(#burn #banter #absolutescenes #omgguys #rinsed #classic)

Luckily, Ben found it funny. He told us a bit more about it:

My niece Rachel, who's eight, just started sending me mail one day with some funny drawings out of the blue. So I went out and bought some markers, stamps, and envelopes and sent some back. I almost never send mail.

Then on Monday I got this card from her. I opened it when I got home from work. It made me burst into laughter immediately. Mostly because I'm not even bald...yet.

Of course, I'm only 27, so my day is coming. But my first name is Ben and for some reason she started calling me 'Bald Benjamin Franklin'. Who knows why, kids do say the darndest things apparently. There are other cards, but this one is the real treasure.

The state of it! 'Bald Benjamin Franklin' - who's not even properly bald...yet.

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