This woman has been dubbed the most irritating airline passenger in the world

We get it, ok? Travelling is tough.

The accumulated stress of checking in baggage, passport control, scrambling to take out that forgotten (but expensive) perfume from your hand luggage in an effort to prevent it from being chucked in the bin is all very hard.

And when you finally sit down in coach, where leg room is a myth, you’re careful not to make eye contact with the other passengers in case you’re stuck talking to them for the entire flight.

We get it.

But it gives you no excuse to do this:

Boston Globe journalist Dante Ramos's tweet has over 4,000 likes so far, and people were clearly sympathetic to his plight, even brainstorming ideas on how to go about removing the hair, sometimes quite literally:

This person was inspired by Disney’s Rapunzel:

Phil Hartmark's suggestion was passive aggression at its absolute finest...

And Nitin's suggestion was a tad extreme...

In the end, Ramos actually asked her to move her hair. And lo and behold, she did.

In other news, Passenger Shaming is an actual thing on Instagram that will fill you with all the levels of vexation:

...and this:

Stop it.

HT: Telegraph

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