This woman's detailed nail art is just incredible

This woman's detailed nail art is just incredible

These intricate nail designs are the work of Emily, also known as Lady Crappo.

Emily is a 29 year old currently living in Texas. She tells "I started doing nail art about two years ago, as a way to stop biting my nails, and discovered there was a big community of people online doing incredible, detailed nail art."

As for her favourite? "It's hard to pick just one favourite, but as a health care professional the vaccine-preventable diseases are very near to my heart."

Here is some more of her incredible work:

The Secret Garden

Nails inspired by Hattie Stewart

TV nails

'80s nails

Botanical nails inspired by Kirsten Holliday

Naughty nails

Sunset nails


Flowers & bondage

Pizza nails

Butterfly nails

Nails inspired by Henry Darger

All images reproduced with the permission of Lady Crappo. For more see

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