'Crazy plane lady' Tiffany Gomas is now a right-wing influencer

'Crazy plane lady' Tiffany Gomas is now a right-wing influencer

'Crazy plane lady' Tiffany Gomas is now a right-wing influencer


You might recognise Tiffany Gomas as the woman who went viral last year for her "not real" rant onboard an American Airlines flight.

So what has she done with her 15 minutes of fame? She's become a right-wing influencer.

That's right, the woman who yelled "I am telling you right now that m*********er back there is not real", down the central aisle of a flight, is now posting photos with "100 per cent woke-free American beer."

On April 17, Gomas posted to Twitter/X a photo of herself in bikini emblazoned with the logo of the brand Ultra Right whilst holding one of their beers. Conservative Dad's Ultra Right Beer gained popularity amongst certain conservatives after some boycotted Bud Light over its partnership with Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Gomas added the caption, "Wonder how many people I'm gonna p**s off with this post." The post has over 8 million views according to Twitter/X, and it's got a lot of people talking.

One user wrote, "Are conservatives really doing this dumb sh*t again where women in skimpy outfits are gonna sell beer no one actually wants to drink?"

Whilst another called her a "conservative grifter":

One user even suggested that her viral moment on the plane was all calculated so she could become an influencer:

However many Conservatives seemed to love the post, saying it was 'owning the Libs' along with other similar sentiments.

Ultra Right Beer CEO M. Seth Weathers told Newsweekthat Gomas "is not paid by us. Beautiful women are just naturally attracted to our brand."

After one repost read: "The right is so sadly thirsty they will embrace a woman who had a mental breakdown on a plane to sell some garbage tier beer to 'own the libs.' This is why they lose."

Gomez replied by tagging Ultra Right and saying "let's give them something to talk about!"

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