Tiffany Gomas responds to 'embarrassing' SNL sketch about her

Tiffany Gomas responds to 'embarrassing' SNL sketch about her
Tiffany Gomas finally reveals what caused her viral 'not real' American Airlines …
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Tiffany Gomas, one of the most notorious viral figures of the year, is back in the news thanks to the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

Tiffany, of course, shot to unlikely fame after being filmed uttering the now immortal words “that motherf***er is not real” and launching into a bizarre rant on a plane over the summer.

She previously addressed what “actually” happened after she was removed from the flight, albeit without giving a completely satisfying answer, and now she’s been immortalised in the form of an SNL sketch.

Over the weekend, the comedy show featured a sketch which jokingly referred to the kinds of people you might see at an airport over the holiday season.

There is "couple on their last Thanksgiving trip together", "woman with service animals she clearly doesn't need" and "TSA agent shouting the same thing 12 different ways".

However, Gomas was clearly the inspiration for “woman who’s about to go viral”.

"I am telling you right now, that mother trucker is not real,” the character says after appearing on screen, repeating Gomas’s infamous lines.

Gomas has now responded to the sketch, responding to the clip on Twitter/X by writing: “Well, this is embarrassing.”

She also used laughing emojis in the post, so it looks like she’s at least able to joke about the incident now.

It comes after Gomas previously addressed the incident while speaking to the ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast four months on from her meltdown on an American Airlines jet, the marketing executive spoke about the aftermath of her outburst, as well as what prompted the whole thing.

During their chat, the podcast’s host Dan Katz asked Gomas outright “what [she] saw” to prompt such an extreme reaction.

She replied: “Yeah, the reason why I probably haven't come out yet… it's so cringe…

“I did not see anything.”

Elaborating, she said: “I got into a bit of an altercation. It spiralled out of control. It was not my best moment, I mean, it was actually a horrible moment – absolutely mortifying.”

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