Man shares hack to work out if your date is trustworthy

Man shares hack to work out if your date is trustworthy
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How do you know when to trust someone in the early stages of dating?

Getting to know potential matches is an exciting but uncertain time, and one TikToker believes he has a foolproof way of working out if your date is trustworthy.

What’s the secret? Asking a new prospective partner whether or not they have allergies.

It sounds strange, but TikTok user Dutch, who goes by the username @dutchdeccc, urged people looking to "do the allergy test" when dating someone new.

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He went on to explain his reasoning, saying that his "number one piece of dating advice" was all about “looking for one of two answers"


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"The first is 'yes I have allergies', this is great, and the second is, and this is very important, 'no, I don't have any allergies that I know of',” he went on to say.

"That second part [is] vital because here's the thing. I've never met anyone I can trust that flat out says I don't have any allergies. None. Zero.”

Dutch added: "And here's my case study, right, because you're telling me that you've never had a nose that itches or an eye that waters? No.

“Here's my case study. College, a co-worker started dating this guy. He always came to the front desk. We worked at the library together."

Finishing off the cautionary tale, Dutch said that the man told her he's never had any allergies and "never will".

And how did that work out? Well, according to Dutch, that man is now "living in Idaho with seven women and started a religious cult".

It’s not exactly conclusive proof that the tip works, but if you’re thinking about ways to really get to know a new partner, it could well be worth a try.

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