Cheating man exposed after baby announcement was made in a newspaper

Three portrait photos of a blonde haired white woman talking to the camera. The first two, she is in her car, and the last one, she is outside in front of her car.

A woman has revealed how she learned her ex-husband was cheating on her after reading a birth announcement in a newspaper.

Responding to another video from a TikTok user about how people learned their ex-partners were having an affair, Ami Addison – who has the username @aaddison01 on the platform – revealed that she saw her husband’s name alongside another woman’s name in the announcement.

“I know it’s his name because he has an unusual name … So I look at the hospital website where they would also post pictures of the babies – typed in his name and her first name, sure enough, they had a baby boy a few days prior.

“But not only that, they had a baby girl a year and a half before that,” Addison said.

After finding out about the relationship, a week before the couple were due to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, Addison tracked down the address of the other woman.

Spotting her then husband’s car in the driveway, she returned with his clothes in bin bags and dumped them on the vehicle, along with an anniversary card, too – for added oomph.

The couple divorced, unsurprisingly, but seven years later, they agreed to going for dinner to discuss what had happened.

“[He told me] that he was still very much in love with me and asked me would I marry him, in the initial dinner. I was like, ‘erm, no, we can be friends, maybe, but no, we’re not going to marry’,” Addison said.

Towards the end of the 21-part series, she explains that her ex-husband was against her talking to another man that he knew, considering it “disrespectful”.

She concluded: “That guy asked me out on a date, and I went. We haven’t been apart since, we’ve been currently married for eight years, so the good girl wins in the end … Sorry, you lost.”

Game over.

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