TikToker ‘discovered creepy doll in the woods’ - then said things got paranormal

Breanna Robinson
Thursday 29 April 2021 20:36
(Photo courtesy of @timmysayshi/TikTok)

A man says he stumbled across a creepy doll in the woods near San Diego, California.

Then things got even weirder.

In the video, captioned “Paranormal caught on video”, Isaac Martinez,  who goes by @timmysayshi, recorded himself with this huge and scary-looking doll, which he ended up naming “Timmy.” 

“Timmy” the creepy doll

(Photo courtesy of @timmysayshi/TikTok)

But when you find something creepy in the wilderness, a lifetime of watching horror movies taught us not to tempt fate.

So what did he do? He mocked it - posing with his thumbs up next to the doll seated upright.

“Timmy” the creepy doll

(Photo courtesy of @timmysayshi/TikTok)

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We just found this s**t in the woods no lie,” Martinez began to say as the video switched over to his photoshoot with the doll.

It’s at that point the doll’s curse began to dog his very existence, he says.

His car was hit, his Jack in the Box receipt came up to the devilish number of $6.66, and he said that his video camera even started to glitch.

Jack in the Box receipt of $6.66

(Photo courtesy of @timmysayshi/TikTok)

Sheesh, where’s an exorcist when you need one?!

The video hooked millions, and it was seen 5.2 million times. After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued?

But then it all became clear when he posted several follow-up videos, one of which shows a fake dog suddenly sitting next to “Timmy.” Martinez said that once he gets to a certain amount of followers, he will give the full scoop about this haunted doll.

Timmy, the creepy doll

(Photo courtesy of @timmysayshi/TikTok)

Alright alright, he had us for a moment there. But he’s clearly pranking for new followers.

Top marks for the effort, though.

Apologizing to “Timmy”

(Photo courtesy of @timmysayshi/TikTok)

In one of the video, he apologizes to Timmy. Hopefully, the apologies will prevent any further misfortune.