Woman says she’s ‘done with men’ after date ‘only’ bought her one drink

Tiktoker reveals why women shouldn’t be asked to split the bill on …

A woman has called on men to “do better” after she was left fed up by her treatment on a first date.

The frustrated would-be Juliet was filmed by her friend after an unsuccessful two-hour meet-up, during which her suitor bought her a single drink.

Her pal, TikTok user Tasia Taderara later posted the video of the rant, in which the two women deplored the behaviour of “disgusting” boys.

It begins with the deflated date-returnee announcing: “I'm so done with men, they're disgusting."

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She then goes on: "Look at me! Take me to dinner,” before Tasia interjects knowingly: “Wine and dine.”

The friend continues: “Don't try to get all this information out of me over one drink that you don't want to pay for and I am looking this great.

"I just can't with them. They just don't get it. I can't. I don't have time for them anymore."

Agreeing, Tasia adds: "Boys, do better on dates."

The exasperated singleton then suggests: “You know what? We should start giving reviews. We should start sending out… ‘OK, so this is how you did,’ so that they get better.

"Because at the end of the day, they'd be doing [the] bare minimum for wanting to be praised."


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Tasia’s video racked up more than a million views and 123,000 likes in just five days, as fellow TikTokers flocked to offer their support.

“I can't imagine going out with someone who looks like her and not trying to take her to Paris,” one wrote.

"She's so stunning and getting treated like this. Men should be embarrassed," commented a second.

"Yes 100% agree we should leave reviews. Less time wasting,” said a third.

However, others were less than impressed by the women’s complaints.

“Why does he have to pay for you? Why is your time so much more valuable than his?” one man responded.

“Babe doesn’t matter how pretty you are - I’ll buy the drink but those 2 hours is [sic] a necessary vibe check before we go for dinner,” another said.

Meanwhile, an apparently female user tried to strike a diplomatic note: “I get it but I think he was trying to get yo know you before wine and dining,” she wrote.

“It's a tough world out there, most of us are broke. You look fire though.”

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