Top 10 Ways Better Call Saul Changes Breaking Bad

A lawyer - who's been dubbed the real life Better Call Saul - has become a cult star on TikTok with his posts telling people what to do if they end up in legally precarious situations.

Decked out in gaudy gold rings and three-piece suits, Kevin Kennedy from The Kennedy Law Firm in Clarksville, Tennessee delivers quick, easy-to-understand-advice all while making smooth TikTok transitions.

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So what happens if the police knock on your door unexpectedly? Or if the police ask you to take a lie detector test?

Well as he says at the end of every video, "Kev's got you covered."

Here is some of Kennedy's best advice.

Never agree to a lie detector test

In a situation where police ask if you're willing to take a lie detector test, Kennedy says never say yes.

"In the real world, lie detector test results are not admissible in criminal court proceedings," Kennedy explains.

He used the example of asking if police would be willing to have an alleged victim take the lie detector test first, which is extremely unlikely.


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Never admit to anything when getting pulled over for a speeding ticket

It's common for people to get pulled over for speeding while driving but Kennedy says there are some things to consider when it's happening.

Before anything, Kennedy advises people to "get your thoughts together to respond appropriately" when getting pulled over.

"You can ask the officer 'why am I being pulled over?' because he might give you some evidence for your defense," Kennedy said.

People have been known to talk themselves out of a speeding ticket but Kennedy is more focused on what happens if you get issued the ticket.

"Always show up to court, because sometimes [the police officers] don't and you can move to dismiss it," Kennedy advised. "Check the ticket for any mistakes because you can point out the inconsistencies."


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Use a lawyer when speaking with an investigator

Even though in the US a person has the right to remain silent when speaking with law enforcement or investigators, people often waive that believing it will make them look guilty.

But time and time again we see innocent people get deemed guilty because of something they said.

Kennedy says if an investigator comes up to you with question then you should act with caution and ask to be interviewed at a later date.

"You can respond 'this is not a convenient time can I have your card and I'll contact you a little later'," Kennedy said.

Then reach out to a lawyer and have the lawyer contact the investigator for you.

"That way you never made a statement that could be used against you," he added.


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Don't let police in your home without a search warrant

Let's say the police show up at your home looking to speak with you.

Kennedy reminds people that you don't have to talk to the police but if you do choose to, you should step outside to have a conversation.

"Don't allow them in your home unless they have a search warrant," Kennedy said.

And if they do have a search warrant, be sure to read it over to make sure it's correct.


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Don't willingly give your DNA during interrogations

We've seen it all in movies and TV shows: a suspect is sitting in an interrogation, drinks a cup of water, then throws it out only for investigators to fish it out and use the DNA from it.

"They're just trying to who-doo you, tell them 'I'm not giving my DNA'", Kennedy said in a video with five million views.

This includes using issues or accepting a cigarette.


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Never consent to a police search during a pat-down

Like speaking to the police, Kennedy advises anyone to decline when law enforcement asks to search your person.

Police will pat down someone if they believe they may be armed and dangerous or involved in a crime. But a pat down and search are different.

"They still may pat you down but the can only pat you down on the outside of your clothing," Kennedy said. This means they cannot search in your pockets.


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Never smile in your mugshot

It may be tempting to smile for your mugshot so you can end up on a hot mugshot Instagram account but Kennedy advises people not to do that.

"The prosecutor can put your mugshot up before the jury during your trial to use against you," Kennedy said. "They can make the argument that you were not remorseful for the crime you committed."


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Know your limits in a physical fight

If you find yourself in a situation where a person is trying to start a physical fight with you it's important to know your limits.
"First, you have a right to protect yourself," Kennedy said.
Your first instinct should always be to get away but if a person hits you first you're allowed to protect yourself in self-defense.
"After the fight is over you cannot go back and inflict more bodily harm because if you escalate the situation after it's clearly no danger then you're taking on civil and criminal liability," Kennedy added.

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Be sensitive of your state's laws when filming police

There always seems to be viral videos circulating of people filming their encounters with police offices leading to the question- are you allowed to film police?

"You have a right to photograph or video police officers doing their work in public," Kennedy explained.

But that doesn't mean you're off the hook entirely.

If the police are conducting business on private property you have to ensure you're not trespassing to obtain video. Additionally, you cannot intentionally disrupt police during their job.

"Different laws apply in different states, so be sensitive to your state's law."


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Be honest with your lawyer

Good news for people who know they're guilty of a crime- your lawyer will 'probably never ask' whether or not you are.

That being said, Kennedy advises everyone to be honest with their lawyer

"They're on your team so being truthful will help build your case. Anything you say to your attorney is protected under the attorney-client privilege." Kennedy said.


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