Hilarious TikTok shows Lush customer eating a soap sample because she thought it was food

Hilarious TikTok shows Lush customer eating a soap sample because she thought it was food

One Lush customer was left with a soapy taste in her mouth after mistakenly thinking a display of soap samples was food - and everyone is loving the employee’s hilarious reaction who witnessed the mishap play out.

TikToker Jackie Gansky (@jackiegansky) was shopping with her friend in the cosmetics store which sells an array of colour soaps, scrubs and beauty products when she spotted a tray with samples of pink squares.

Thinking the samples were edible, Jackie was keen to try one out so grabbed one of the squares and casually took a bite.

The camera then panned to a shocked Lush employee who had seen the incident unfold - and it’s fair to say he was stunned with his mouth open and his eyes widened in shock.

Jackie soon released she had in fact just chomped on some soap, and laughed as she removed it from her mouth, while the Lush employee offered her a paper bag to throw away the chewed sample.

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In the video caption, Jackie wrote: “I just wanted a sample [laughing emoji] lush is soap btw”


I just wanted a sample😂 lush is soap btw

Since sharing her soap-based blunder Jackie’s TikTok has been viewed 16.9m times and gained 2.5m likes along with thousands of comments.

Many found the reaction of the Lush employee pretty hilarious.


“He screamed with his eyes,” another person said.

Someone else added: “You stressed that poor man OUT”

“You know he went home and told people ‘you will NEVER guess what happened at work today.”

While others couldn’t quite believe the TikToker made the soap slip-up.

One person said: “No because that is so embarrassing.”

“Why would a soap store have anything other than SOAP samples LMAOOO,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “You’re in Lush - a literal soap shop, what did u think they were gonna sample other than soap.”

“WHY WOULD THEY HAVE FOOD SAMPLES AT LUSH,” a fourth person replied.

However, the confusion might be more common than people think (or at least that’s what one person claimed).

“I was talking to a Lush employee once and apparently a lot of people come in, take a bite out of the massage bars then leave,” a fourth person commented.


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