Mother says she'll paint newborn's toenail to stop him being switched in hospital

Mother says she'll paint newborn's toenail to stop him being switched in hospital
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A mom shared her solution to the fear that her son will be switched with another baby at the hospital once he's born.

The TikTok mom shares her life as a stay-at-home mom to two kids, soon to be three. In preparation for her third baby, the mom shared her plan to paint her newborn son's toenail to ensure he cannot be switched with another baby.

"People thinking I'm crazy for thinking of painting my sons toenail when he's born. Me paranoid because I've hears of babies being switched at birth so whatever works & keeps me at ease I'll do," the stay-at-home mom wrote in her video.

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The 30-year-old recorded the video as part of a trend where a person shares an out-of-the-ordinary thing they've done or belief they hold.

During the video, the 1961 song, Crazy, by Patsy Cline plays.


Have y’all seen switched at birth? Yeah.. he’s getting a cute white or blue toe at birth lmfao #foryou #fyp #ByeByeSundayBlues #ImoniCarly #newborns #laboranddelivery #babyboy #pregnany #cautious

Other parents commented on the video, validating the stay-at-home mom's feelings and sharing their own experience with the fear of their children being switched at the hospital.

"I just didn't let them take my baby out of the room whatsoever. They did everything right in front of me," a commenter said. The stay-at-home mom replied saying she hopes to do the same thing but the nail polish is a precautionary measure.

"I did it with my daughter and i'm going to do it with this baby," one commenter said.

"I'm doing a personalized bracelet... you never know what can happen.. better safe than sorry," another commenter said.

While being switched at birth is a popular plot device in movies, TV shows, and books, the reality of babies being switched at birth is quite rare.

Hospitals keep very close tabs on all babies born and try to keep newborns with a parent at all times. Additionally, babies are given ID tags that match their respective parents to prevent any mix-ups.

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