<p>TikTok divided over viral video of mum getting six-month-old baby daughter’s getting ears pierced</p>

TikTok divided over viral video of mum getting six-month-old baby daughter’s getting ears pierced


A mother has posted a video showing how she got her six-month-old baby’s ear pierced, and Tiktok users are divided about it.

The TikToker, who indy100 is not naming, posted footage showing her daughter crying as a member of staff from a piercing and tattoo shop created a hole in one of her earlobes using a needle.

In-text on the video, the mother then states that she prefers needles being used rather than a piercing gun, writing: “Stop using piercing guns on your baby.”

She then shows her baby daughter getting her other ear pierced and adds in text that parents who want to get their child’s ears pierced should “get them pierced at a tattoo/piercing shop”. She captioned her video: “6 months calls for ear peircings [sic].”


During the process, the daughter appears agitated and cries and kicks her legs. Once it’s over, the baby is seen giving the camera what her mother describes as a “dirty look”.

But, a later clip shows the daughter smiling, with her mum writing: “happy baby.”

Of course, the mother’s video has led to some mixed opinions.

Some didn’t see a problem with the TikToker’s actions.

One person wrote: “Y’all act like you’d even remember being pierced as a baby... cause I don’t even remember.”

“My mom did them when I was a baby and I’m thankful,” another person said.

Someone else commented: “Getting their ears done as an infant is not painful, they cry for 1 min maybe. The shots they have to get are more painful then [sic] getting ears done.”

But others disagreed and said the child should be old enough to make their own decision as to whether they want their ears pierced.

One person wrote: “This should be illegal. It should be the baby’s choice when they can make one. Putting it through that pain with it wanting earring is awful.”

“This makes my skin crawl. Or don’t inflict unnecessary pain on a baby!?” Another person added.

Someone else replied: “I’m gonna wait for my girls to ask for them. So sad to hurt them for your own vanity.”

The mother then posted a follow-up TikTok the next day to defend the decision, showing how her daughter has returned to her normal self.


She wrote: “She [her daughter] has no idea what happened lol,” as the baby wiggled around in her bed giggling. Her mother cooed: “Good morning, look at those beauty ears.”

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