TikToker challenges anti-vaxx neighbours who are flying Nazi flag to protest Covid vaccine

TikToker challenges anti-vaxx neighbours who are flying Nazi flag to protest Covid vaccine

A woman was stunned while driving through her local area after she spotted her neighbors waving a Nazi flag on the street in an apparent protest against the Covid-19 vaccine.

Kelley Mills (@imnotcryingshutup) was disgusted at the scene she was witnessing and began filming it from the inside of her car, and can be heard saying: “This is not happening in my neighborhood, no!”

The anti-vaxx protest took place in Salt Lake City, Utah on Sunday, Deseret News reported. The state has fully vaccinated just over 50% of the population so far.

Kelley, however, was having none of it and decided to confront the protesters for using such an offensive symbol.

“We’re just gonna go on a walk, I don’t have any reason to be walking here but I’m going on a walk because these people look so stupid that I need to see it with my own eyes up close.”


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But it seems somebody else beat her to it. As Kelley got closer, a man can be heard shouting: “Yeah I do have a problem with you flying the Nazi flag— then why is it a Nazi flag?”

The man tells the protester “that’s not what we’re talking about”, in reference to how the Nazis killed Jews.

“That’s exactly what we’re talking about,” the protester said in response.

The video then cuts to the protester, who continues: “The government’s role to force me what to eat, what to drink, what to smoke.”

“Do you consider yourself pro-life?” Kelley then asks, to which he answers: “I like living.”

She then points out how being pro-life and anti-vaccine is a bit of an “oxymoron.”

But according to the protester, it isn’t. He responds: “No, that’s what big pharma has taught us over the years.”

He then moves on to an outlandish polio vaccine theory and claims the vaccine isn’t the reason why people no longer get cholera. Rather, it’s to do with the fact people have stopped defecating in public, he claims.

It was thanks to an efficient vaccine program that polio was eradicated in the US, while cholera was partly eliminated due to water and sewage systems being improved, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Kelley asks how this conspiracy theory is relevant and adds that there is “no correlation” between this and the Covid vaccine.

Moving on, the TikToker then probes the protester on whether he went to medical school or studied science and he said in response: “I try to educate myself,” but also said that he would “never go to a big pharma medical school.”

Though, he’d rather get his education on YouTube instead, he says. YouTube has been criticised for hosting anti-vaxx rhetoric and vaccine misinformation, causing the platform to crackdown on this kind of content.

After Kelley laughs at his suggestion and says she’s not going to do that, he tells her to be “more honest with yourself.”

“I’m not gonna go do research on YouTube for something that is so out of your realm of knowledge,” she replies.

The protester then goes after Kelley for wearing a mask, which the TikToker says she is doing “because I believe in science.”

The clip then cuts to Kelley talking to another protester who asked him why he would display the Nazi flag and ask if he knew “how offensive it is.”

“Free speech doesn’t have to be appeasing,” he responds.

When another person chimes in and asks the protester if “they’re trying to be provocative” by using the Nazi flag, the protester says “Of course!”

Since posting the exchange, Kelley’s TikTok has received more than 80,000 views.

One person wrote: “Yes big pharma bad, swastica good. Great logic bro.”

“It’s quite frightening when your average American doesn’t understand basic science,” another person said.

Someone else added: “‘It’s free speech’ ...that’s literally a hate symbol.”

“I don’t have any more words for people like this... I’m just furious,” a fourth person replied.

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