Inmate reveals how prison wine is made with just three ingredients - including gummy bears

<p>The inmate revealed how to make the prison delicacy</p>

The inmate revealed how to make the prison delicacy


A US inmate has given a rare glimpse into how notorious prison wine is brewed behind bars with just three simple ingredients: Mountain Dew, orange juice, and gummy bears.

From strawberry cake to fakeaways and chocolate milkshakes, @calidago23 has shown his 20,000 TikTok followers how he gets creative with his limited commissary items.

In his most popular culinary creation video so far, he demonstrated how easy it is to whip up the alcoholic concoction in the comfort of his own cell.

According to the inmate, you mix the three ingredients together in a plastic bag - or a toilet basin - and ferment for a week. Once ready, the inmate claims to rake in up to $30 a gallon by selling it to other inmates.

An inmate makes prison wine in a trash bagTikTok

Followers were torn between whether the method was genius or gross. One person asked the question we all want to know, “The real question: what does it taste like?”

While another added, “I taste that taste from here”.

Other followers were in awe of the homemade brew, with one admitting, “I work in prisons & I low-key be wanting to try the hooch”.

Another was keen to get an order in with the inmate, “Yes, want two bottles”.

A lot of the attention in the comments was diverted to how he got away with it with one asking, “But how do you hide 2 five gallon buckets?”

Another quizzed, “Don’t they do cell checks?”

You can watch the full video here.

I think we’ll stick to shop-bought for the foreseeable future.

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