TikTok is rife with videos of people drinking ‘profee’ - but it could be really dangerous

<p>TikTokers have been sharing their coffee creations</p>

TikTokers have been sharing their coffee creations

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“Profee” - a combination of an espresso with a scoop of protein powder - is the latest drinks trend that is taking TikTok by storm.

Creators have alleged the recipe helps to promote weight loss through burning calories, while the caffeine increases their energy.

But before you try out the concoction for yourself, you may want to read about the warnings from doctors and nutritionists about its dangerous side-effects.

Although caffeine does have health benefits such as boosting our mood and metabolism, too much coffee can cause irregular heart rates, arrhythmias and dehydration.

“You have to watch how much caffeine you’re taking in or it can lead to palpitations, especially when people have underlying conditions,” Dr Frederick Davis, the Associate Chair of Emergency Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York told the DailyMail.

“It can also be dehydrating because coffee is a diuretic so it makes you urinate more, so you could be losing a lot of fluid in the process.”

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Meanwhile, despite the protein in profee helping people burn calories and feel fuller, it’s the powder’s ingredients that can make the drink dangerous, according to Dr. Davis.

“Protein with added sugars or some sort of artificial flavorings or sweeteners unfortunately can push up sugar levels and carbohydrate levels,” he explained.

Too much protein can cause intestinal discomfort and indigestion.

“Some studies have shown that too much protein is a bit of a waste,” Andrea Chernus of Chernus Nutrition in New York City told

“Just having protein from a protein shake doesn’t mean it’s a great thing if you’re missing out on a lot of other nutrients.”

So you might want to consider the size and number of your protein scoops if you decide to recreate the caffeine drink.

Patients with decreased kidney function be warned - as too much protein can be particularly harmful for you.

“They work harder to filter waste out, so too much protein can stress your kidneys as they work to get rid of the big molecules in protein,” Dr. Davis said.

Still determined to try out the trend?

Experts advise having one cup of coffee and adding just one scoop protein powder - to reduce the amount of added sugars.

Though if you are uncertain about whether you can have it, talk to a doctor first.

“These different nutrition fads might not be a one-size-fits-all for everyone and it might prevent someone from doing these different fads who might be harmed,” Dr Davis said.

Think we can all agree that it’s definitely not worth risking your health for the sake of a TikTok trend.

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