A British woman on TikTok tasted ranch dressing for the first time and it blew her mind

A British woman on TikTok has gone viral after trying American ranch dressing on different foods for the first time - and she said it was “criminal” that it’s not available in the UK.

Dawn Farmer has been tasting various American foods, including Arizona iced tea and everything bagels, on her TikTok account. Recently, she filmed herself dipping chicken fingers, chips, celery, and carrots into Hidden Valley ranch, a standard US salad dressing with a cult following, after sampling the sauce for the first time.

“To say that I liked it was the understatement of the century,” Dawn told viewers of the dressing.

“This stuff is incredible,” she marveled, adding that it was “criminal” that the dressing isn’t available in the UK.


Her reactions to the dressing on various foods was pure bliss, leading to nearly 50,000 likes on her viral video.

Ranch is made with a base of mayonnaise, buttermilk, and sour cream, and includes dill, Worcester sauce, garlic, and pepper in its iconic spice blend.

The dressing is actually quite controversial in America, usually prompting either fierce loyalty or serious criticism.

It’s also become known as somewhat of an iconic American food, clearly, and is certainly widely available with salads in traditional restaurants.


Commenters were highly supportive of Dawn’s experience.

“It’s bussin innit,” Johnathan Maravilla commented.

“Still me when I have ranch,” wrote Casey Rosenberg, an American who presumably eats the stuff regularly.

“Listen. You need to go to the US and have ranch in a restaurant,” added Brianna Grout. “It’s better than in  a bottle. It just hits different.”

Several others had a suggestion that Dawn should just munch on Cool Ranch Doritos to get her ranch fix. But it’s just not the same.

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