TikTok influencer’s pronunciation of ‘Marmite’ sends British viewers into meltdown

TikTok influencer’s pronunciation of ‘Marmite’ sends British viewers into meltdown

We’re told that you either love Marmite or you hate it, but at least most people can agree on how its name is pronounced.

Tell that to TikTok star Reagan Yorke who managed to unite users of the platform in outrage after she spoke about the iconic spread.

For those readers with good memories, yes, Yorke’s the same American woman who referred to Caffe Nero as “Naroo”.

Now, the 20-year-old – who recently moved from LA to the UK to live in a mansion with other influencers – has claimed her latest victim: the yeasty brown breakfast staple.

Since her leap across the pond, Yorke has been documenting her new British life, including trips to Pret a Manger (which she calls Pret a Mangur. Seriously.), and hunts for the Queen.

In one of her most recent videos, titled ‘Common things in a UK house I’ve never seen before,’ the 20-year-old shares her confusion at things like bathroom radiators – “metal bars which are super hot” – and kettles.

Yes, apparently people in the US don’t use kettles.

Yorke described wall radiators as ‘super hot metal bars’ and kettles as ‘weird metal pots’@reaganxo/TikTok

She’s also bewildered that electrical outlets have on-off switches and claims that all swimming pools in Britain can be found under ground. Okay.

But, hands down, her main issue is with Marmite, which she calls “Marmeet” – asking “literally, what is this?”

The clip has racked up more than 700,000 views and 3,800 comments in just four days, as viewers shared their bafflement at her slaughter of the name.

“Mar meat – I’m sorry, marMITE,” commented one TikToker.

“It’s not ‘Marmy’ it’s ‘Marmite’,” wrote another.

While another offered her clear phonetic instructions, explaining it was pronounced: “Mar-might.”

Elswhere, others refused to believe she could actually think the word was said that way.

One sceptic wrote: “She is doing it on purpose. It’s MARMITE.”

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